Your Body Knows Best

Supercharge your NLP skills with Energy Medicine and Applied Kinesiology.

Handout from NLP International Conference 2018 (right click to download)


Book recommendation: Donna Eden: Energy Medicine

Turkish newspaper article about Dirk presenting “Your Body Knows Best” in Antalya.

If you ever wondered why sometimes change is difficult for certain clients or for yourself, you will love this seminar.

Participants will learn several reliable methods how to find hidden blocks, sometimes called psychological reversals, using muscle-testing.

Using these techniques in your work will not only help you be more effective with changework, but will act as a powerful convincer for your clients.

You will also learn how to use muscle-testing on yourself and how to have your clients get into the best possible state for effective changework using techniques from the field of energy medicine, as well as several techniques to overcome the limitations you discover during the testing.

No previous NLP or kinesiology experience necessary.

Duration: 1 day, 2 days (includes belief change sessions) or 3 hour keynote presentation.


“Dear Dirk

I attended the ANLP conference this weekend and it was my first time at any such event. A good friend of mine is a Master Practitioner and has been trying for years to persuade me to come along and discover NLP for myself. So, finally, I made it, but I have to admit that after the first day, I was not too sure that I would consider coming back. Everybody was really friendly so it was easy to network, but all these names were being thrown around in the air of renowned people in NLP who I knew nothing about.

Then, on the Sunday, we took your workshop and that has changed my perspective on the whole thing. I was probably the only person in your workshop with no experience of NLP or kinesiology, but you managed to make it interesting, fun, and even more importantly, easy to understand.

Your workshop made my whole weekend worthwhile (when you spoke in NLP language, you explained what you meant!). I just wanted to say thank you for making it such a wonderful experience for me – I found the kinesiology fascinating and is something I hope to pursue further.”

Elli G, London

“Dear Dirk

Thank you for your session at the ANLP conference. I have been using your swaying backwards and forwards technique virtually every day, to see which vitamin pills I should be taking, what dose etc etc. It’s brilliant. If I’m driving I use the thumbnail technique, which also works well (I find it best not to sway around in the car!). So all in all I think I took away more from your session than any of the others. So thank you again.”

Shirley J, Nottingham

“Dear Dirk,

I really enjoyed your workshop at the ANLP Conference, it was enlightening. I’ve already started trying the techniques on a few people.

My partner would have liked to have come. If you do any similar talks in London again please can you let me know?

Warmest wishes”

Lisa H, MD, Nottingham

Location: York, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Nottingham, London