Successful Negotiation & Conflict Management

Aims: You want to get the best out of yourself and others by using successful communication and negotiation? Learn to understand how and why our communication is sometimes lacking and acquire the means to improve your self-awareness and self-regulation skills as well as enhance your ability to deal with conflict and improve your relationships. This collaborative, light-hearted seminar combines interesting knowledge with proven, easy-to-apply tools and skills that equip you to make your working life easier and more successful.

Content: The concept of Emotional intelligence is used to understand people’s thinking and emotional patterns in workplace situations, solve pressing problems more easily, quickly and effectively, to develop strong, win-win relationships based on trust and integrity and resolve conflict within the team quickly and easily.
Negotiation skills are learned to prepare quickly and effectively for any challenging negotiation, to develop and maintain a high-trust relationship during a sensitive negotiation, to anticipate and address potential key objections and needs of their negotiation counterpart and to ensure that neither party risks losing face when a deal is agreed.

Emotional Intelligence Expert Dirk Bansch

Teaching method: The event is delivered in a brain-friendly mix of presentation, individual and group exercises, and discussions.

Duration: 2-day seminar

Feedback from participants:

“A must-have training and it was excellent!”
(Augustine F, Council Team Leader)

“Excellent, attention-grabbing and fun.”
(Frank P, Janitor)

“Excellent & very effective.”
(Anya P, Teacher)