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Dirk has helped hundreds of people all over the world to improve their job chances. As one of his clients said: “I thought my CV was good and the companies were the problem, but after having had Dirk work on my CV, I immediately got invitations and offers. Amazing!”

If you are interesting in getting job coaching from Dirk, you can have Skype sessions with him or ask him and his team to optimize your CV.

Book a Skype session: £75 – Click Here

Have your CV looked at and optimized: £50 – Click Here (Please send your CV in Word or PDF format to job (@)

“As a professional contractor, having a CV which can stand out from the crowd enough to get you the all important interview is vital. My CV had been through several peer reviews and had been reviewed by professional CV writers, but with little success. Although my CV was striking a chord with job agencies, it wasn’t making the vital breakthrough with potential employers for interviews.

A mutual friend suggested I get Dirk to review my CV, and the results were astonishing. Dirk had a quick look through and made some suggestions for a few simple changes. I made the changes he’d suggested, with the intention of working more with him to get the CV even better. But I didn’t get the chance!

Within a week of registering my new CV I had had over a dozen calls from agencies wanting to submit my CV to potential employers. The first role my CV was submitted for resulted in an interview, and I was successful in securing the contract.

I have nothing but praise for Dirk’s ability. He spots the simple but effective things which make all the difference. The results speak for themselves.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dirk – he can make a real difference to your prospects.”

Phil J., Director, Consultancy, Manchester